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SSS® Sterling Multi-Fold Towel - White

SSS® Sterling Multi-Fold Towel - White

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Betco® Kling™ Toilet Cleaner - Qt.

Thickened, 9% hydrochloric acid toilet bowl cleaner contains detergents and compounds that quickly remove rust, scale, and hard water mineral deposits. Clings on vertical surfaces for longer contact time. Mint fragrance.

Alternate #07512
Retail Price:$3.17/EA 12/CS

Betco® Lemon Deodorant Disinfectant & Detergent - Gal.

This neutral pH disinfectant has been formulated to aid in the reduction of cross contamination.

Alternate #31304
Retail Price:$16.08/EA 4/CS

Betco® OxyFect™ G Peroxide Disinfectant Cleaner - Gal.

Perfect for use throughout any facility. pH balanced formulation makes it safe for use on glass, floors, and restrooms. Fresh mint fragrance.

Alternate #38204
Retail Price:$34.83/EA 4/CS

Georgia-Pacific BigFold® Z™ Premium Fold Towel - White

This towels unique fold allows for reliable, touchless dispensing of one fully-opened, absorbent towel, which reduces the number of towels used. Reduces risk of cross-contamination.

Alternate #20887
Retail Price:$74.26/CS

Georgia-Pacific Preference® Perforated Towel - 85/30

Designed for lasting strength and exceptional absorbency. Ideal for cleaning and wiping in foodservice, healthcare, laboratory and clinic settings. White, 2 Ply, 11" x 8.8". Use Dispenser: 52701, 52720.

Alternate #27385
Retail Price:$50.62/CS

GOJO® Provon® Enriched Lotion Cleanser - NXT® 2000 mL

A mild, pH-balanced lotion soap with effective cleansing designed for general, routine use; suitable for use by both patients and staff. Rich lathering. Dermatologist tested, pleasant floral fragrance. Use dispenser: 2215-08.

Alternate #2213-04
Retail Price:$90.09/CS

WausauPaper® EcoSoft™ Green Seal™ OptiCore® Tissue

This quality tissue is 100% recycled and exceeds EPA guidelines for post-consumer waste. Embossed. Environmentally preferable packaging. 2 Ply. Controlled-use tissue w/OptiCore™ 2-part core technology. Use Dispenser: 80200, 80300, 82300. 865 sheets per roll, 36 rolls per case.

Alternate #61990
Retail Price:$85.51/CS

Georgia-Pacific enMotion® High Capacity Roll Towel - White

Specifically engineered to be used with our innovative 59466 enMotion recessed automated towel dispenser.

Alternate #89420
Retail Price:$111.64/CS

WausauPaper® EcoSoft™ Green Seal™ Tissue-4 3/8x3 3/4

Green Seal® 100% recycled universal tissue. Certified by Green Seal, Inc. in Washington, DC. Meets environmental standards. 2 Ply. Use Dispenser: 72200. 500 sheets per roll, 96 rolls per case.

Alternate #54900
Retail Price:$73.94/CS
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