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SSS® Foam Fresh Lotion Soap - 1250 mL

SSS® Foam Fresh Lotion Soap - 1250 mL

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Magnesium Chloride Ice Melt Pellets - 50 lb.

High performance ice melter starts working immediately at low temps. Safer for the environment, children, animals, vegetation, and new concrete. Melts to -10 degrees. This ice melt is in a pellets form.

Alternate #IMMC50
Retail Price:$25.56/BG

Pactiv Translucent Drink Cup - 5 oz.

Cups have the strength and durability you demand. Precision rolled rims offer smooth drinking and a leak resistant seal for the lid. Raised sidewalls offer a "no-slip" grip.

Alternate #YE-5
Retail Price:$72.65/CS

SSS® Alero 3000 Metered Air Freshener Refill - White Linen

All fragrances are complex, long lasting and of superior quality ensuring that fragrance delivery is of the highest standard. 3000 sprays per refill. Compatible with other 3000/9000 spray cabinets. 7 oz.

Alternate #64007
Retail Price:$6.26/EA 12/CS

SSS® Industrial Looped Wet Mop - Medium

Multi-purpose mop has good absorbency combined with extra durability. Tough, absorbent, blended 4-ply yarn. Features tail bands to prevent tangling, looped ends to prevent fraying and for launderability, and quick drying headbands on wide styles.

Alternate #37830
Retail Price:$11.66/EA 12/CS

SSS® Sterling Jumbo Jr Roll Tissue - 3.54" x 700'

A perfect combination of quality and economy, these economically priced jumbo rolls are ideal for high traffic locations. 2 ply; 3.54" width, 3.3" core. 8.75 diam.; 700' roll.

Alternate #76002
Retail Price:$39.38/CS 48/PL

SSS® Urinal Screen w/Non-Para Block - Cherry

Screen protects the drain from blockage. Enzyme bowl block deodorizes, cleans and prevents scale buildup. Every flush tints water blue, while healthy bacteria eliminates odors and maintain drain lines. Lasts up to 30 days. Contains no para-chlorobenzene.

Alternate #83001
Retail Price:$2.01/EA 12/CS

WausauPaper® EcoSoft™ Roll Towel - 8" x 800', Natural

Green Seal® 100% recycled controlled roll towels. Natural towels contain up to 82% post-consumer waste; natural white towels contain up to 73% post-consumer waste. Certified by Green Seal, Inc. in Washington, DC. Meets environmental standards. EcoSoft™ Green Seal® controlled roll towels are 100% recycled and exceeds EPA guidelines for post-consumer wastepaper content.

Alternate #31300
Retail Price:$72.12/CS
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