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SSS® Galaxy High Density Coreless - 40x48, 22 mic

SSS® Galaxy High Density Coreless - 40x48, 22 mic

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Betco® Hybrid® Floor Finish - Gal.

A revolutionary new polymer system formulated with XBF technology that provides the longest lasting finish ever. This self sealing extended wear formula retains film integrity and outstanding gloss even after repeated detergent mopping and burnishing. This finish effectively reduces maintenance and prolongs the time between strippings. Specifically formulated for medium maintenance programs this product will retain its gloss between burnishings. In high speed programs it greatly reduces the need to frequently use a restorer.

Alternate #66004
Retail Price:$31.47/EA 4/CS

Betco® Unlock™ No-Rinse Floor Stripper - Gal.

A powerful, fast-acting stripper that begins to emulsify most finishes upon contact, reducing normal soak times and removing multiple layers of finish with fewer passes. Dilute at 1:5 with cool water for heavy finish build up. Dilute at 1:12 with cool water for normal finish removal. Pleasant, no harsh ammonia or solvent odors. Extended suspension of emulsified particles eliminates costly restripping. Low foaming. Rinse free, no alkaline residue.

Alternate #88804
Retail Price:$26.46/EA 4/CS

ProTeam® Intercept Micro Filter Bag For Super Coach Pro 6


Alternate #107314
Retail Price:$15.46/PK

SSS® Black Stripping Floor Pad - 17"

Available in stripping, scrubbing, cleaning, buffing, polishing and burnishing pads.

Alternate #31033
Retail Price:$6.34/EA 5/CS

SSS® MV Galaxy High Density HMW Liner -23x32,6 mic,Natural

Made with FDA approved HMW-HDPE resins using an exclusive manufacturing process. Maximum strength and load capacity. Great chemical resistance, and odor containment. Wide range of temperature resistance. Seamless tubular construction. Leak-proof star seal. Coreless rolls for easy use and storage. Nominal size and gauge.

Alternate #72966
Retail Price:$30.39/CS

SSS® Terra Renew Blended Recycled LLDPE -40 x 46, 1.30 mil

Made with high-quality blended resins. Meets or exceeds EPA Guidelines for Post-Consumer Waste Content. Super tough, great puncture and tear resistance. Seamless tubular construction. Leak-proof star seal. Designed for extra heavy-duty use. Coreless rolls for ease of use and storage. Nominal size and gauge. Black.

Alternate #72927
Retail Price:$38.24/CS
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